Energetic Bonding


Helen P. Howell, MRET
Cell: 253-632-7251
Home: 253-874-3726
E-mail: SpreadTheJoy@comcast.net

website: Rapid Eye Technician, MRET


Rev. Joanie A. Vogel
Home: 360-653-6857
Cell: 425-760-6329
E-mail: Joanie@EnergySinger.com

website: www.EnergySinger.com

Helen P. Howell, an Energetic Bonding Coach with many spiritual gifts and intuition, comes prepared to uplift and inspire those desiring more wisdom and direction in their lives, and more joy and abundance. Many lives have been changed for the better from the many insights and therapy skills Helen has learned and mastered over the past 13 years. As an Energetic Bonding Coach, Helen helps reconnect people spiritually to Divinity, to their earthly parents, to humanity, to money and abundance, to the body, and to food properly. This can be done in with a large GROUP, in person at her office, or in a phone session. Raising people’s thinking to a higher level, amazing positive shifts of abundance and PEACE have occurred immediately for them.

Helen is also a certified Master Rapid Eye Technician (trauma/stress release eye movement therapy), Korma Nu Reiki Master, Advanced Theta DNA Practitioner and Medical Intuitive, and a recent graduate of the empowering Perceptive Awareness Technique course. With her intuitive gifts, Helen can tune into and release the core beliefs or negative emotions that cause one to be stuck in life or beliefs that cause disease in the body.

Website: Rapid Eye Technician, MRET

Rev. Joanie A. Vogel, a ULC Healing Minister, is a sound healing pioneer in the field of energy singing. She is an 'Energy Singer' trained by Creator, a recording artist, author, Shamanic spiritual leader and founding director of the ACADEMY OF LIGHT Intuitive Arts Mystery School.

As an Inspirational Motivation Speaker, Joanie enjoys sharing her spiritual understandings, epiphanies and illuminations for greater health and well being through 'energy management'.

Joanie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fine Arts and uses her trancework ability to create custom, one-of-a-kind 'lines' of Shamanic Sacred Art jewelry and artwork. Her first CD for personal cellular purification is entitled, 'A Mass Healing Meditation Experience'.

Joanie is currently working on a second CD which focuses on offering each individual the opportunity to learn how to consciously co-create, re-create, purify and repair the universal world grids to enable the personal choice of peace.