Energetic Bonding



November 23, 2005

The Energetic Bonding is starting to work. This morning I received an email from Zoom Panel. It is a marketing firm that I do online surveys on. After a survey, they place the respondents name in for a chance to win some prizes. I was informed that my name was drawn as one of the first prize winners for a survey I completed in October, and first prize is $500.00! I am elated! It really works!

In love & light,

Felipe Gonzalez
Lynnwood, WA

November 7, 2005

Having experienced two Energetic Bonding sessions with Helen P. Howell and Joanie Vogel, I can attest to the power and the positive results of their unusual work. Joanie's voice sets up the frequency and the vibrational aura of the session. Helen has the words and the touch that brings you to another level of understanding and acceptance of abundance in your life. My own experience lifted me to a place of more abundance and willingness to create that for myself. I heartily recommend them and Energetic Bonding.

Norma Menzies
"The Bluebird of Happiness Club for Everyone"

My Fully Bonded Experience

In April, 2004, when I heard of Energetic Bonding at the Bluebird Club in Lynnwood, WA, I saw these two women (Joanie and Helen) full of energy and excitement. Light followed their every movement. It was like they had this secret. I wanted a little of what they had, so I signed up for their group session. At the time, I was working at a job that wasn’t allowing me to grow and live my purpose. It was actually the most stress-filled position I have ever undertaken. At this point I had not been paid for about 9 weeks.

After the Energetic Bonding session, I finally quit this job, being owed for 21 weeks of pay and feeling good that I could live my purpose. BUT I HAD NO TOOLS and no money. What would I do? Within two months, I was paid half of what was owed me and was able to purchase a biofeedback machine through a business loan without having to get a co-signer. (Note: I had filed bankruptcy 8 ½ years earlier, a bit of a challenge to overcome.) I have taken advance classes for the knowledge and skills to run this most helpful machine, and even had enough money to purchase the 24/7 program which will help even more people and assist in the growth of my new business as well. There is something very different now for me since the Energetic Bonding. I have no fear, as I know I am FULLY BONDED and will be provided for through this experience.

I now have the energy, the passion, the purpose, and the SECRET these two wonderful women shared with me that night about 5 months ago. I am truly excited about life, and would recommend this program to anyone. Trust, and sign up now – you will gain so much, even if you don’t know what that would be now…you will learn later.

JP of Lynnwood, WA

The spiritual bonding was wonderful.

After it was done, I felt higher than a kite. That next day after the Energetic Bonding, I had a few friends call me out of the blue who wanted to give me things. Some Mormon missionaries came by and gave me a Bible. Every where I seemed to walk, I found coins. I bought a pair of jeans and went home and found a dollar in them. Money and job opportunities started to flow into my direction. I would find things when I went to the beach. Friends would give me things like flowers and clothes, or help me with my computer. One time I told myself it would be cool to find a certain object, and then 10 minutes later I found that object.

I needed clothes for school and my job. I was prepared to go to a classy
store, but I had a weird feeling I should stop off at a Value Village store first. I found a whole new wardrobe there that would have cost me hundreds of dollars for only one hundred dollars: Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21, and much more.

I have lost about 10 pounds with this technique. I eat the same way, but I just have dropped weight.

Kirkland, WA

Dear Helen,

Testimonial for Energetic Bonding:

I am no stranger to energy or process work, so I have long known and worked with my connections with the Divine, with my family of origin and my relationship with humankind. Twenty years of exploration and a tremendous amount of forgiveness, love and insight has resulted in appreciable healing in these areas. So, when Helen told me about Energetic Bonding, I was intrigued, yet did not really expect that many stones had remained unturned in those areas, so I didn't expect much of an impact.

Was I ever surprised! Helen has brought through a beautiful, powerful and deep tool for connection/reconnection and the recognition that I've always been connected to the Divine, to the Highest Selves of my family and to Humanity in its deepest, broadest, most loving sense. This goes way beyond insight and integrates a deeply felt sense of Oneness. Energetic Bonding has allowed this felt sense to integrate within every level of my energy field and body, resonating deep within the cellular matrix. It has been no less than a quickening, an enlivening which brings a simultaneous sense of comfort and peace, a sense of home.

I am grateful to Helen for her generosity and dedication in bringing forth this gift. Energetic Bonding is profoundly important in this time of apparently deep divisions and separation. It is clear to me that the experience of Energetic Bonding allows me to feel safe, connected, and maintain a loving presence in this world. This is of utmost importance. If I am here as a healer, or even just as a participant in this world, then staying present is crucial. Energetic Bonding provides for a simple, elegant and grace-filled integration of our deepest, true connections, enabling us to stay here in the now. I am reminded of a sign over the gaming tables in Reno, Nevada: "You must be present to win." And so it is. Thank you, Helen and Energetic Bonding, for making it easy!

Rose D'Agostino
Atlanta, GA


Thank you so much for the energetic bonding session! It was great! During the session, it felt like various threads were being attached, or should I say re-attached, to where they belonged.

There was the feeling that these threads had been broken or cut long ago, or fell apart from disuse. It felt like with every new attachment, there was more light and more strength in my structure---and that something that had been missing (but could not be named) had been filled in, repaired, replaced---and all is how it should be now.

Thank you! It is a very healing process!

Love, Lin Wheaton (Maryland)

March 2, 2004

After my experience with Helen P. Howell and the Energetic Bonding technique that she uses, my life improved on many levels. Whenever I get into a lack or fear mode, I just open up a window visually and imagine the cornucopia of abundance in all good things pouring over me and into my hands. It truly works. I have encouraged many people to have the experience of Helen P. Howell and this amazing process done.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Norma Menzies
Lynnwood, WA

I experienced an energetic bonding on March 2, 2004.

The end result for me is a renewed awareness presented in such a way, that created a synchronicity between the awareness of a truth, and a receptive mind. Like turning on the light switch. You know where the furniture is, but you don't actually see it until you turn on the lights.

It's like we all have experiences of truths that we know to be true but do not treat them as such. Or at least we simply say 'Yes, I am aware of this truth and it is stored snugly in my mind'. I guess the thing about truths is that they are not worth much without some form of stimuli to activate it. The energetic bonding that I experienced was and is the stimuli that set the course of abundance in motion for me.

If you have a truth that you would like to see come to life for you, try the process known as energetic bonding and then send in your feedback.

Isidro Nilsson
Marysville, WA