Energetic Bonding


Rapid Eye Technology Directory - A natural, safe way to release stress and trauma. With her intuitive gifts, Helen P. Howell can quickly tune into and release the core beliefs and/or negative emotions at the DNA level. Helen has been a certified Rapid Eye Technician for 14 years. Her clients have witnessed life-changing results.
- Helen P. Howell, MRET

Energy Singer - Reverend Joanie A. Vogel. 'A Spiritual Trainer, Dedicated to Your Soul's Progression' sings a Cellular Healing Sound Meditation. Available on CD from joanie. - www.EnergySinger.com

Energy Rings - An Electro-Magnetic Device ..... Uses the Earth's Magnetic Energy to induce change in Energy Fields by the Induction method. Enter to win a free EnergyRing - Email - www.EnergyRings.com 

Spirits of NativeLIGHT - Rev. Wolfwoman - Wendi Robinson - Spiritual/Transformation Alchemyst, Hawai'ian Healing, Reiki, Shamanism, Crystal Therapy, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Aromatherapy, TimeLine Therapy - Home Study and Live Classes - Distance and Live Healing - Holistic Products -Minister - Email: wolfwoman - Phone: 206-387-3735 - P. O. Box 17918 Seattle, WA 98105 - www.SpiritsOfNativeLIGHT.org

Astronomy+Astrology=Astronology- A Talisman representing the unique planetary placement at the time of your birth. This is not Astrology or Astronomy but  Astronology™ a true representation of the cosmic picture at the time of your birth. Available in sterling silver, 14K or 18K gold or platinum with the stones of your choice ranging from diamonds to zircon. Email - www.Astronology.com

Phenomena - Debbie Ballard: Clairvoyant/Clairsentient/Medical Intuit specializing in Psychic Psychometry. Readings available in person, or via telephone, mail or the internet - Email: phenomena - Phone: 253-334-7910 - 10605 SE 240th St, #472 - Kent, WA 98031 - www.phenomenapsychic.com

Tree Frog Farm, Inc. - Diana Gay Pepper: Flower Essences & Aromatherapy products direct from the producer at Tree Frog Farm. Personal and phone consultations available with Diana Gay Pepper who works with the Nature & Plant Spirits for Human/Nature Health and Balance. - Email: TreefrogFarm - 3679 Sunrise Rd. Lummi Island, WA 98262 - Phone: 360.758.7260 - www.treefrogfarm.com

Golden Mean Jewelry - Using Sacred Geometry and the Golden Mean Proportions to create jewelry that encourages balance in inner and outer beauty. Email - www.GoldenMeanJewelry.com

Transformational Tools Made Simple - Transformational Tools Made Simple Looking for ways to move ahead in your life journey? Here are simple tools using color, meditation, visualization, counseling, articles, and newsletters offered by Arlene Arnold, author of "ColorCards." - Email - Try the free color reading! www.ArleneArnold.net

Energy-Ring - See a complete line of Jewelry for Health and Beauty. Enter to win a free EnergyRing - Email - www.Energy-Ring.com 

Handmade Prayer Beads and Rosaries - Buddhist Items and Handcrafted Malas, Rosaries, and Unique One of a kind Jewelry. Almost all Malas are handmade from semi-precious stones, Rosaries are ss cross and medal, with semi-precious stones on aluminum wire. Look for Unique Jewelry updates on the website - Jung Mercantile - www.JungMercantile.com

Kevin P Walder CHt - Hypnotherapy Services in Everett, WA. Self Hypnosis CD Programs for sale. Free articles posted on website - Email - Phone: 425-220-9029 - www.kevinwalder.com

Zibu, Language of the Angels - The Language of Zibu is an Angelic Language of symbols. These energetically powerful symbols are expressed through Sterling silver wire to create Zibu jewelry as necklaces, earrings and hand-held meditation pieces. Each piece is accompanied by a channeled Angelic message of hope, love and encouragement. - Debbie Zylstra Almstedt - PO Box 55751 Shoreline, WA 98155 - Phone: 206.365.6869 - Email - www.LanguageofZibu.com

Spiritual Church - Asklepius Light Center - (as-klep-e-us) We are dedicated to Self Healing Self Empowerment, and Cosmic Mind. Sunday service 11:00 am at The Chalice Chapel 943 North 89th in Seattle. We offer a variety of informed speakers, applicable information, personal testimony, Spiritual tools, and subjects. Networking, bi-monthly newsletter, work shops, lectures and weddings. - PO Bx 69613, SeaTac, WA 98168- Rev. Jeanne M. Williams - Phone: 206-244-1712 - Email: - www.alcseattle.com

Divine Intentions - Carol Kafer: Reader ~ Healer ~ Licensed Hypnotherapist. "Spiritual Guidance Counselor" Destiny Reports. Email: DivineIntentions - www.DivineIntentions.com

Frances Juanita - Experience readings, energy work, or feng shui through Frances Juanita - www.FrancesJuanita.com