Energetic Bonding Event

(Blue Bird of Prosperity)

- To be Scheduled -

Reconnecting and Spiritual Refreshment
Energetic Bonding needs to occur on
Three Levels

  • With Divinity
  • With Your Biological Parents
  • With Humanity

Energetic Bonding is also done ...      

  • With Money
  • With the Body
  • With Food properly
Healing Guided Meditation
for you and your loved ones to
Reconnect to your Divine Abundance!
Helen P. Howell, MRET
Energetic Bonding Coach
Home: (253)874-3726
Cell: (253)632-7257

Note: Amazing positive shifts of abundance have occurred immediately for
people from this 40 minute Energetic Bonding / Singing Meditation Session
(Plus 50 minutes of Teachings and Wisdom!)

Enhanced and Intensified
by the Gifted Joanie A. Vogel

Whose Powerful Healing Energy Singing Meditations are Spiritual Refreshment.

Sung to you by Joanie. The sound frequencies reach deep within the Soul, detoxifying your bodies' energies on many levels at once.

Reverend Joanie A. Vogel
Energy Singer

email - joanie@energysinger.com
website - www.energysinger.com

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